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Value First draws on the rich heritage of organizations that focus on the quality of life for the aging. We tap the power of the community of LeadingAge, build on the success of collaboration with HPSI Purchasing Services and bring new value to customers and their trusted state associations. Value First is a bigger, bolder shared group purchasing benefit that brings expanded choice, intelligent solutions and significant savings to its customers.

Value First’s powerful difference is that LeadingAge affiliates are now shareholders in this business model.

State & Regional Affiliates

Value First partners with state and regional affiliates who share a common focus on pursuing excellence in serving older adults.

Value First is owned by LeadingAge and its following state association affiliates:

  • LeadingAge California
  • LeadingAge Connecticut
  • LeadingAge Florida
  • LeadingAge Georgia
  • LeadingAge Gulf States
  • Life Services Network of Illinois
  • LeadingAge Indiana
  • LeadingAge Kansas
  • LeadingAge Kentucky
  • LeadingAge
  • LeadingAge Massachusetts
  • LeadingAge Michigan
  • LeadingAge Minnesota
  • LeadingAge Missouri
  • LeadingAge North Carolina
  • LeadingAge New Jersey
  • LeadingAge New York
  • LeadingAge Ohio
  • LeadingAge Oklahoma
  • LeadingAge Oregon
  • LeadingAge PA
  • LeadingAge South Carolina
  • LeadingAge Tennessee
  • LeadingAge Texas
  • LeadingAge Wisconsin

The administrative activities of Value First are carried out by Aging Services Group, Inc., a subsidiary of LeadingAge Minnesota.

The negotiation of vendor contracts is primarily administered by HSPI Purchasing Services.

The activities of Value First are overseen by a board of directors. Kari Thurlow, President and CEO of LeadingAge Minnesota is a charter member of the Value First board.

FTC Endorsement Guidelines

LeadingAge Minnesota is an owner of Value First, and may also receive fees for promotional services for providing information regarding Value First to LeadingAge Minnesota members.

Need Help?

We're here to help you! Contact:

  • Jared Schei
  • President & CEO, Value First
  • 651.603.3505 or (800) 462-5368