Safe Care for Seniors - Living the Pledge

The Living the Pledge Campaign is a monthly infection prevention campaign to help keep residents and fellow team members safe from harm. It provides focused resources to empower everyone in your building to honor the Safe Care for Seniors Pledge to keep residents and staff safe from harm.

Each month the campaign will focus on a key infection prevention topic identified by survey citations with opportunities to improve our practices.

The Campaign is designed to be flexible and easy. There are no requirements; use the resources that are helpful to your organization.

Access the monthly topics and resources below to join your colleagues in Living the Pledge.

Be a Safe Care Hero: Get Vaccinated

The COVID-19 vaccine is coming, but we know that it will not be effective if people don’t get vaccinated. We invite you to join our Safe Care for Seniors Living the Pledge campaign to share the importance of getting vaccinated.

If you want to get involved in the Safe Care Vaccine Campaign, simply:

  1. Print the “I am Getting the Vaccine Because” template
  2. Ask Staff to complete the template with their own reasons for getting vaccinated - Completed Template Example
  3. Take a picture
  4. Use the pictures in multiple ways:
    1. Send pictures to: to include them in campaign promotions
    2. Share through your social media channels
    3. Insert pictures into the “Vaccine Campaign Poster” template and post within your organization

December is hand hygiene month!

Join Your Colleagues in Creating Safe Hand Hygiene and Glove Use Habits across our communities.

Actions You Can Take to Live the Pledge in December:

1) Share information about Hand Hygiene Month

         a. with staff
         b. with residents and visitors

2) Share a brief video on the importance of thorough Hand Hygiene practices
         a. How to Wash Your Hands with: Soap and Water
         b. How to Wash Your Hands with: Hand Sanitizer
c. Thorough Hand Washing: Germs and Hand Washing Demo

3) Share this brief video on the importance of washing your hands            before and after glove use.

4) Display a new Hand Hygiene/Glove Use Promotion Poster Each Week (or select 1 or more to use during the month). Sample schedule:

       a. Week 1: Hand Hygiene - Chicken Wings
       b. Week 2: Gloves are Not Enough
       c. Week 3: Speak Up Hand Hygiene/Glove Use Poster
       d. Week 4: Revisit the week that needs additional emphasis

5) "Living the Pledge" Vouchers to “catch” staff {can also include              residents, families, and/or visitors} practicing Safe Hand                        Hygiene/Glove Use Behaviors

      a. Provide Safe Care Champions and other designated staff with               “Living the Pledge” Vouchers to give to staff (can include                        residents, families, visitors) practicing safe Hand Hygiene/Glove            Use behaviors – e.g., thank you for taking 20 seconds to                        thoroughly cleaning your hands/cleaning your hands after you              remove your gloves – you are saving lives.
     b. Provide a way for voucher recipients to redeem them for                       incentives, such as filling out their name on the voucher and                 entering monthly drawing 

5) Assess your current hand hygiene/glove use policy/procedures and implementation practices.

November - Mask Month

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