Safe Care - Living the Pledge

We invite you to join us in the latest Safe Care Living the Pledge activity, called Living the Pledge Every Day, to celebrate and renew our commitment to respect, dignity, safety, and quality of life for those we serve.

Living the Pledge Every Day begins with a pledge event to celebrate and renew the commitment to the values and actions of Safe Care.  This commitment is reinforced through a new activity every two months focused on putting actions in place to truly live the Safe Care Pledge every day in everything we do.

Pledge Event Example Activities (choose one or more activities):

  1. Plan to have food and beverages at your event to celebrate the commitment you are making – and consider a group activity that everyone can participate in
  2. Have Pledge Cards or Pledge Flyers available for staff to sign
  3. Staff can complete a Pledge Certificate to share why they are Making the Safe Care Pledge
  4. Take pictures of staff with Pledge Certificate
    (Send pictures of staff with their completed certificate to Julie Apold; to feature in Advantage and social media)
  5. Staff sign a Safe Care Banner
    (Banner file is ready for print by a printer of your choice)
  6. Staff receive a Safe Care pin after completing their Pledge Card
    (Pins can be ordered through the LeadingAge Minnesota Store)
  7. Enter Safe Care Pledge Event Contest, and win a fabulous prize, by sending pictures of your event to Julie Apold;

Pledge Communication Resources:

Living the Pledge Every Day Activities:

June – July: I will always treat the people in my care with respect and dignity

Activity: Managing By Walking Around

Self Care for Safe Care               

Living the Pledge - Initiatives

Need Help?

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  • Julie Apold
  • Vice President of Quality and Performance Excellence
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