Living The Pledge - Mask Month

Join Your Colleagues in Creating Safe Mask Wearing Habits across our communities.

Actions You Can Take to Live the Pledge in November:

1) Share information about Mask Month

         a. with staff
         b. with residents and visitors

2) Share a video on Safe Mask Wearing Habits
         a. Safe Practices for Safe Visits
         b. Safe Mask Wearing Habits

3) Display a new Mask Promotion Poster Each Week (or select 1 or            more to use during the month). Sample schedule:

       a. Week 1: Mask Bingo
       b. Week 2: Can't Touch This
       c. Week 3: Safe Care Pledge
       d. Week 4: Revisit the week that needs additional emphasis

4) "Living the Pledge" Vouchers to “catch” staff {can also include              residents, families, and/or visitors} practicing Safe Mask Behaviors

      Provide Safe Care Champions and other designated staff “Living            the Pledge” Vouchers to give to staff (can include residents,                  families, visitors) practicing safe mask behaviors – e.g., thank you        for wearing your mask over your nose and mouth/wearing your            mask in the break room/nurses station/when you are walking in            the hallways/participating in activities – you are saving lives.

      Provide a way for staff (residents, families, visitors) to redeem              “Living the Pledge” Vouchers for incentives, such as filling out their         name on the voucher and entering monthly drawing 

5) Assess your current mask policies/procedures and                              implementation practices

Need Help?

We're here to help you! Contact:

  • Julie Apold
  • Vice President of Quality and Performance Excellence
  • 651.659.1407 or 800.462.5368