For Team Members

The right career - the right choice.

Thank you for your service in the aging
services field! You are part of a dedicated
group of Minnesotans making a difference
each day in communities across our state. We hope you find your work with older adults rewarding and know that you are deeply valued. The resources you will find here have been carefully designed to celebrate and enhance the many ways you make a difference each day in the lives of the older adults. We invite you to explore the options below and check back frequently for new and updated resources.

What's Stars Among Us?

Stars Among Us is a celebration of YOU – the dedicated people serving in the field of aging services. As the name reflects, we believe you are the brightest part of our field and we want to recognize your creativity, compassion and contribution in the community. Each day you shine as one of the stars among us!

What LeadingAge Minnesota means for you

Together, with over 60,000 colleagues across our state, you are a part of the LeadingAge Minnesota's membership community. As a member in the state’s largest association of older adult services organizations, you are a bright part of our work improving the experience of aging. Together, our caregivers work to empower people to live fully as they age. Learn more about your Association.