Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Our workforce and the people we serve are becoming more diverse.

Diversity and Inclusion efforts are not only important to the success and health of an organization – they are important to the individual members of your workforce.

Inclusion is about people feeling sense of belonging, connectedness and community in the workplace. Staff who feel supported, engaged, and part of a team are more likely to succeed and stay within your organization.

Organizations that embrace a diverse workforce do better financially, recruit and retain top talent, score higher in staff satisfaction, and provide better customer service. Diverse team members also offer varied perspectives which can increase creativity and improve decision-making in your organization. 

A May 2020 McKinsey report frames the urgent need for this work:

“Hiring diverse talent isn’t enough—it’s the experience they have in the workplace that shapes whether they remain and thrive.”

We are committed to sharing tools and resources with members as we enhance our own knowledge base in this area. Look for notices in our weekly Advantage newsletter when new information is posted to this page. We welcome contributions from your organizations as well.