Align: Employee & Customer Engagement

Prepare your managers to create a culture of engagement with the Employee Engagement Solution from Align and LeadingAge Minnesota. Organizations are encouraged to apply to be early adopters of this new resource.

What is the Employee Engagement Solution with Align?
We know that organizational culture begins with an organization’s leadership.

How well do you connect with your management team? How well does your management team connect to their staff? Are your front-line managers prepared to lead their team?

This online and on-demand resource boasts everything from organizational readiness preparation, to an employee engagement assessment, to individualized management training and accountability:

  • All in one! Hands-on support is provided by Align and LeadingAge Minnesota staff.
  • Online training and action plans prepare managers to better lead their teams at an individualized level. What types of skills will managers learn?
  • Move from traditional management approaches to the latest understanding about how to build and sustain engagement
  • Identify the 3 levels of accountability in creating an engaging culture
  • Cultural attributes that create loyalty and inspire employees to do their best work
  • Determine how to measure what matters and prioritize your engagement e¬fforts
  • Implement best-practice engagement strategies

And more!

Join us in implementing ways to engage your staff and prepare your managers to lead effectively.

Questions? Contact Jenna Kellerman, Director of Workforce Solutions, at or 651.659.1436.