Can the Gig Economy Boost Recruitment Efforts

OnShift and Gallup have both published articles on the concept of the “Gig Economy,” a concept that has grown in popularity in today’s workforce, providing an opportunity for people to work multiple “side gigs” as opposed to a single, fulltime job.

For example, think of companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, or TaskRabbit. Each of these companies allows for a person to work flexible hours, autonomously, and to get paid by the gig rather than waiting for a paycheck.

Interestingly, according to Gallup, about one in three Baby Boomers states their primary job is a Gig, which is a higher percentage than either GenX or Millennials. In fact, about half of Uber Drivers are over the age of 61.

In long term care, many of our career paths can be viewed from the Gig perspective, which may help modernize marketing and recruitment efforts. Think about caregivers, culinary teams, or environmental services staff. These positions can often be flexible with the ability to pick up and trade shifts, work a casual or part-time position, and often require staff to work with a great deal of independence. This is great news! Gig workers tend to look for jobs that “promote the ability to be your own boss and payment flexibility,” according to Lisa Fordyce at OnShift.

However, with the appeal of the Gig Economy also comes a series of challenges, such as employee engagement and legal complications in terms of employee classification.

Looking for more information about how the Gig Economy can help your organization recruit new team members? Read the full articles here:

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