Changing the Narrative

Caregiving is one of the most honored careers a person can select and one of the greatest opportunities for aging services organizations to expand our efforts to market our careers – so why doesn’t it feel like people understand that? 

Many organizations are stepping back to reframe their role and value in the community to be more effective at outreach activities. Taking the words of Simon Sinek to heart, as we talk about our positions, we need to focus more on why people work in this field.

Some tactics being explored by aging services organizations include:

  • Focusing on the mission and values of our organization; 
  • Developing new marketing messages tailored to underrepresented demographic groups;
  • Connecting with underemployed individuals or when local businesses close;
  • Working with local communities, including veterans and immigrant; and
  • Targeting former family caregivers, recent retirees or friends of current team members.

Need Help?

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