Job Shadowing

One trend we’ve noted in aging services organizations is that is some new team members can be surprised by (and unwilling to do) basic job duties just after starting.

Where does this disconnect between the job and the staff come from?

Job shadowing opportunities have people embark upon training for a position (such as Nursing Assistant) and make sure they have a full picture of the role before they start. 

In addition, many organizations are advised to review the accuracy and clarity of job posting descriptions and explore ways to provide more job shadowing experiences before training or hiring.

How can your organization create new opportunities for volunteers and prospective staff to come in at entry-level positions and have more time to learn the basics of working with older adults before embarking on their training or caregiving career? 

What role might an informational interview play? Or direct care staff participating in the interview?

Many organizations are also implementing a pre-CNA type role for new employees to provide homemaking services while learning about senior care. Then, after a period of time, they come a Registered Nursing Assistant and are ready to be a nursing assistant. 



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