Recruitment Videos

New Recruitment Videos: Post, Share, Like, Repeat!

Social Media is a key tool for recruiting new staff. Use the two videos below in your recruitment efforts to engage job seekers in your community. When all LeadingAge Minnesota members come together to share a unified message, the impact can be powerful. Share these videos today!

Recruit New Students

Recruit New Americans 

Checklist of places to share:

  • Your organization’s website
  • Facebook (your organization’s page, and your personal page)
  • Instagram (your organization’s account, and your personal account)
  • LinkedIn (your organization’s account, and your personal account)
  • Job boards
  • During presentations to local schools or community organizations
  • With your staff – and encourage them to share these videos with their friends and family

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Remember, social media is not a “one and done” platform. Sharing these videos one time helps but sharing repeatedly is best! When you see your friends and colleagues share these videos on social media, be sure to like and share them again.

Case Study: Minnewaska Community Health Uses Social Media To Improve Recruitment

Minnewaska Community Health Services (MCH) started actively using social media and now reaches about 67,000 people monthly. In fact, they received at least 30 applications for a Housing Manager job before they even posted the position thanks to social media! See how MCH did it in Solving the Workforce Puzzle.

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