Treat Recruitment like a Marketing Campaign

Recruitment needs to be more than a generic “Now Hiring!” sign or tired newspaper advertisement. What can you do to create a more focused recruitment campaign? Know your community and create a targeted recruitment campaign. 

Design the messaging around the people who live in your community and those you seek to employ. Are you trying to recruit people in specific generations? Do your posts speak to their intended audiences? Are you viewed as a diverse and inclusive employer? 

Develop messaging that speaks to common perspectives:

  1. Baby Boomers: Tend to care about fair pay and a chance to use their skills to give back to others.
  2. Gen X: Tends to care about flexibility and work-life balance.
  3. Millennials: Tend to care about career advancement and mission and meaning in their work. They prefer technology to communicate.
  4. GenZ: (YES, they are here!) Tend to care about the meaning and mission of their work but are also entrepreneurial. Early research shows that this generation prefers in-person communication - a shift from their predecessors!

(Source: Argentum’s “Public Perceptions of Careers in Senior Living” 2016)

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