Assemble Inclusive Committees

Staff at all levels should be considered the expert in their roles. Serving on internal committees and task forces are ways to uniquely engage staff in the organization’s vision while tapping into their personal strengths and positional expertise.

Dewiet Miller, Executive Director of Balfour at River Front Park, a senior living organization in Denver, says, “We empower our employees to create customer service and solve problems...I may be designated as the leader, but I have 120 employees who don’t have to go find a manager when they come upon a problem. They’re trusted and empowered to solve it.”

How do you empower staff in your organization? Are your committees and task forces inclusive of interdisciplinary team members, and team members at all levels? Consider training staff at all levels on basic quality improvement techniques (Plan Do Study Act, SMART Goals, etc) and encourage them to tackle challenges within their scope of practice.

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