Professional and Personal Growth

Professional Growth

Opportunities to invest in developing new skills and knowledge has a major impact on team member satisfaction, retention and quality. Examples of programs designed to help people grow include:

Additional career resources are also available through the Argentum Career Learning Center and LeadingAge Education Spotlights series – all training that goes far beyond the required education and training.

Personal Growth

Investing in the personal growth of your staff is important, as staff who have stable personal lives are more likely to be stable and reliable when at work.   

To encourage personal growth, Khan Academy offers free high-quality learning resources for people at all ages. The online tool offers traditional course work, such as math, science, and history, but it also offers practical courses such as Saving and BudgetingPayday LoansCredit Cards and LoansHousingCar ExpensesTaxes, and more. The lessons are free, online, on-demand, and created by respected content experts.

Encourage your staff to keep on growing by sharing these lessons today!

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