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Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success
Many staff need help learning how to be employees. Skills such as getting to work on time, speaking and listening with others, appropriate conversations, working through failure, and being a part of a team are important pieces of being a good employee. As employers, we have the opportunity to teach these skills. This toolkit, created by the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry, is filled with 30 activities you can use with staff in your organization to learn these skills -- and have fun at the same time!

Business case for investing in staff retention: Can you afford not to?
Find out how much money you could be saving by focusing on staff retention, and see how one organization reduced their turnover from 53% to 11% in only three years - Source: PHI

Need some new perspective when talking with your team? Here are
5 Things Your Line Staff Wishes You Knew - Source: Long Term Living Magazine.

5 Team Building Pratices That Will Make Your Staff Want to Stay - Source: Long Term Living Magazine.

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