Call for Webinar Presenters

Partner with us to deliver high quality education and training.

An essential service of any association is offering high quality continuing education and training to its professional members. As a business partner and valued member of LeadingAge Minnesota, we invite you to join us in our commitment to deliver timely, relevant and engaging information to those who work in the rapidly changing field of aging services.

Our education offerings include a robust schedule of webinars. As we look to expand the range and breadth of programming, who better to learn from than the industry experts? Whatever your line of business, you have a lot of expertise to share with providers that will help them do their work better, smarter, faster.

We hope you will consider submitting one or more webinar proposals to raise your visibility in the aging services provider community and position your company as a subject matter expert and strategic partner for the future.

LeadingAge Minnesota is seeking webinars/speakers on topics related to older adult services, for example:

  • Improving Operations
  • Technology and Its Use in Aging Services Settings
  • Marketing and Occupancy Challenges
  • Cost Savings/Efficiencies
  • Resident/Consumer-Centered Care Models
  • Expansion and/or Diversification of Programs and Services
  • Quality Improvement/Accountability/Public Trust
  • Leadership
  • Governance and Board Development
  • Transformation of Long-Term Care
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workforce Development, Retention and Recruitment
  • Funding and Financial Management
  • Fund Raising/Grant Writing
  • Insurance and Liability Concerns
  • Risk Management
  • Clinical Best Practices
  • Media Relations and Crisis Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Topics
  • Survey Process and Regulatory Issues
  • Integrated Service Delivery
  • Discharge to Community
  • Adult Day Services
  • Other...

If you are interested in speaking on any of these topics or other subjects related to older adult services please complete the Webinar Proposal Application (see link below).

Benefits of webinars

Webinars are convenient and cost-effective ways to deliver training to multiple staff in all parts of Minnesota. We record webinars for archival purposes for sale on demand. Business Partners are a vast resource for information and tools to help LeadingAge members.

When will the webinars be held and for how long?

It is LeadingAge Minnesoa's goal to offer two webinars a month. For each 60 or 90-minute webinar, presenters should prepare approximately 90% of time for presentation and allow 10% of time for questions and answers throughout the webinar.

What are the presenter's responsibilities?

  1. Agree to the Guidelines for Webinar Speakers and complete the Webinar Proposal Application.
  2. Provide a PowerPoint presentation to be used for the visual part of the webinar. This must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the webinar so that content can be evaluated and the final version can be sent to registered participants in advance of the webinar.
  3. You and your co-presenter are strongly encouraged to come to our office to use our equipment. If your office is far away from the Twin Cities - preventing you from being here in person - we can connect you using your phone, computer and high-speed Internet connection, however, this option is not preferred.
  4. Identify a LeadingAge Minnesota provider member, LeadingAge Minnesota staff person, state agency staff person or other faculty outside of your organization that can present with you. This person must be secured when you submit a topic idea.
  5. Participate in at least one training for the webinar. The presenters' PowerPoint presentation will be used during the training to familiarize the presenters with the webinar presentation logistics (i.e. how you will use the capabilities of the webinar technology to highlight parts of the PowerPoint presentation, how the webinar and presenters will be introduced by the webinar moderator, how questions will be handled in the presentation, etc.)
  6. Business Partners are encouraged to identify back-up presenters should an emergency occur on the scheduled webinar date and time.

What does LeadingAge Minnesota provide?

  1. Marketing: LeadingAge Minnesota provides all marketing of the webinar which showcases the faculty and their organization.
  2. Assistance: LeadingAge Minnesota staff or a designated facilitator are available to help the presenters in the planning and presentation of the webinar.
  3. Logistics: The presenters will be provided with helpful background information and guidelines to ensure the PowerPoint presentation is appropriate to use for this virtual presentation.
  4. Technical Support: LeadingAge Minnesota uses GoToWebinar to host its webinars. LeadingAge Minnesota staff will handle all technical aspects of the webinar including training the presenters and monitoring/assisting with the entire live webinar presentation to assure the highest quality webinar.

What LeadingAge Minnesota Does Not Provide

In exchange for positive visibility for your company with our members, LeadingAge Minnesota does not provide an honorarium or reimburse expenses for Call for Webinar presenters. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to Jenny Prosser. This is your opportunity to present in front of your target audience at no cost to you. Promoting a company, service or product during the webinar is prohibited and in accordance with a long-standing LeadingAge Minnesota policy.

The ideal LeadingAge Minnesota webinar speaker is:

  • Experienced and comfortable speaking about older adult services to a provider audience
  • Enthusiastic about sharing expertise and knowledge with LeadingAge Minnesota members
  • Open to partner with us to deliver the most up-to-date information about complex topics
  • Willing to help spread the word about the webinar

Evaluation Process

LeadingAge Minnesota cannot guarantee that you or your topic will be chosen for a webinar. Webinars are an opportunity to educate key professionals within the older adult services community, not an opportunity to promote yourself or your business. Contact information for each speaker must be provided and each speaker must agree to the Guidelines for Webinar Speakers. Once submitted, your webinar application will be reviewed by the LeadingAge Minnesota staff for consideration. Proposal applications that fail to meet all guidelines or are incomplete will not be considered for review. Submissions will be evaluated to ultimately develop a high-quality webinar based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation, creativity and originality of topic
  • Clarity, depth and specificity of proposal
  • Timeliness and relevance of subject matter and alignment with LeadingAge Minnesota's strategic objectives
  • Practical applicability of topic to aging services providers
  • Qualifications, expertise and experience level of presenter(s)

Speakers will be notified of LeadingAge Minnesota's decision regarding proposals within one week of submission. 


If you questions regarding this RFP process, contact Jenny Prosser at or 651.603.3548.

If you have webinar content or program design questions contact Heidi Simpson at or 651.603.3506.

If you are having problems with the online application form, please contact Brenda Keo at or call 651.603.3559.

Guidelines for Webinar Speakers

We know that the success of LeadingAge Minnesota's webinars is largely due to the interest and willingness of presenters like you. We are pleased that you are interested in submitting a webinar proposal for consideration. We have developed guidelines for presenters to ensure that participants receive maximum benefit.

  1. Webinar presentations are given voluntarily.
  2. Proposals must come from LeadingAge Minnesota Business Partner members. Proposals that best relate to current issues in the provider community will be selected.
  3. Webinar presentations must be submitted in the form of a PowerPoint within a LeadingAge Minnesota template. Because of copyright laws, copy must be written in your own words and accompanied by your own images. Each presentation must be received at least two weeks prior to the scheduled webinar so that it can be reviewed for content.
  4. Acceptance of a proposal is based on the content and the presenters named at the time of submission. Any changes to content or speakers must be conveyed to LeadingAge Minnesota's education team in advance. The education team reserves the right to reassess suitability.
  5. The distribution and sale of materials and touting of commercial ventures which may personally or financially benefit the speakers is not permitted within the context of the presentation. Presenters are strictly prohibited from "selling on the platform." It's against LeadingAge Minnesota's long-established policy as well as having the potential to reflect back negatively on the Business Partner company.
  6. If selected, webinar presenters will abide by the timeline set by LeadingAge Minnesota and meet all deadlines to the best of their ability.

Webinar Proposal Application

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