Dementia Care


About the Dementia Care Certificate Program

As the number of older adults with dementia needing care increases, so does the need for well-trained caregivers who understand the unique aspects of their disease and have the skills and knowledge to respond to their needs.  

This educational series is designed to improve the quality of care given to persons with dementia. It consists of three different modules – two webinars and one two-day workshop and is available for participation in individual topics of interest. To earn the certificate of completion, individuals must participate in all four modules. The certificate is a voluntary credential demonstrating professional study of a particular topic area. It does not denote certification or that someone is certified in dementia care. 

Modules #3 and #4 - Person-Centered Care and Strategies to Avert Challenging Behaviors
Session 2 - October 22 and 23 - Trillium Woods, Plymouth


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