How do I get a login and password?
Call the LeadingAge Minnesota office at 651.603.3489.

What do I do if I forgot my login or password?
On the Login page you can select “Forgot my Password” or “Forgot my Logon” and an email with instructions on how to reset your information will be sent to you.

Why does nothing happen when I click on the “Register” button?
LeadingAge Minnesota members must be logged in to register online. Please contact us at 651.603.3489 to get a login and password or if you forgot yours.

Why can I not see everyone from my organization?
The staff listings come directly from our database. The person you would like to register may not be in our database yet, or they may be listed with another company within your organization. Please contact info@leadingagemn.org to add them.

How do I add new people to my organization list?
Online registration does not allow you to add individuals. For your convenience, you can e-mail info@leadingagemn.org with their names, titles and e-mail addresses to have them entered into the database for you to register online.

How do I register multiple people for an event?
You may register only one person at a time so that concurrent sessions can be selected. On the “Cart Items” page there is a link “Register someone else for this event” next to the first person registered for the event. This link will go through the registration process again for the additional person. You will need to repeat this step for each person from your organization you register.

How do I know if my registration was submitted successfully?
You will receive a confirmation letter via email within three business days of your registration.

Cancellation Policy

Weather Policy

For all other registration questions, please contact Ashley Rogers or 651.603.3559