Required Education and Training

Our desktop reference tool provides a current list of the required and mandatory education and training for staff in long-term care and senior living.

With the ever-increasing expectations of when, how often and what the curriculum content of the education needs to be, we created this easy reference list of requirements for staff in Care Centers, Housing with Services and Home Care.

This resource provides accurate information about the required education elements. The online tool includes links to information sources that feature in-depth detail and should be used in conjunction with this desktop reference.

Disclaimer: The authors have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information. Providers are encouraged to do their own due diligence in verifying the training requirements for their staff.

Introduction - How to Use This Manual

The summary chart provides a quick glance of the topics that are required for staff education and training, and when and how often the education or training must occur. Once the topic has been identified and the trainer wants to learn more about the requirement, the online tool provides links and a narrative summary.

Section 1 – Summary Chart

  • The summary chart is designed to identify the topics for staff in care centers, housing-with-services and in Minnesota licensed Comprehensive or Basic Home Care Provider agencies. It does not cover Medicare.
  • The chart provides a quick reference identifying the education and training needed within 4 required timeframes with a “key” for each:  “I” = prior to any contact with client (resident/tenant), “O” = orientation, “A” = annually or “N” = as needed due to changes in equipment, procedures, etc.
  • Web links provide easy access to the source of the requirement

Section 2 – Nursing Home:

  • Detailed narrative information on the required education and training

Section 3 – Minnesota Home Care: Part 1

  • Narrative information for the general requirements that are not in the home care law

Section 4 - Minnesota Home Care:  Part 2

  • Narrative information of the general requirements from the Minnesota Home Care Law for orientation and training
  • The information covers training requirements contained in the home care law for unlicensed staff
  •  The unlicensed staff whose training must include a practical skills test is noted with an (S). All other training not noted with an (S) may successfully complete the training with a written or oral test
  • Requirements for the instructors can be located at MN Stat. 144A.4795

Section 5 – Minnesota Home Care: Part 3

  • In Chart format, the very precise and detailed information for unlicensed staff is presented to easily identify the orientation and training requirements as well as the general training.

 All rights are reserved. The content of the information is produced as a resource for LeadingAge Minnesota members.