Identify Your Top Influencers

Who are the top influencers in your organization? Influencers may not be formal leaders, managers, or directors. In fact it’s likely that your top influencers are frontline staff. You might hear these people referred to as informal leaders or opinion leaders.

This group of staff has an influence on others in your organization regardless of their formal title, and harnessing this skill is important. Take time to identify the informal leaders in your organization and engage those staff on special initiatives.

You might ask this group to help roll out a new practice or procedure, or encourage positivity during a transition, to trial a new product, or to take on a challenge such as improving new team member retention. They may be great candidates to participate in the ICan Frontline Quality Improvement Program.

Whatever the need, top influencers can help or hurt your organization depending on their level of engagement. Empower these team members to be positive in their interactions to build a positive culture for all staff.

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