Assess Your Needs

As we age, our needs change. We may live in a home that’s too big for just one person, and difficult to manage. Some of us may develop health problems that make it hard to drive safely, get up the stairs easily or manage personal hygiene. While others seek socialization and activities with people. 

These decisions are never easy, and require consideration of many factors. Even if you’re not ready to make a change right now, taking the time to investigate your housing and service options will give you more confidence in making an informed decision that meets your needs. 

One key program to support you as you age and your family members is Adult Day Services.

Adult day services are community-based programs which meet the health, social, recreational and therapeutic needs of elderly and disabled adults. These services also provide much needed respite and peace of mind for family caregivers. For more information on adult day services, see our new Adult Day Services page

There are many other services and supports -- from senior housing and home care to services that help you remain independent in your home -- to help you as you age. For more more information about housing and service options, go to MinnesotaHelp.Info or call Senior LinkAge Line at 1.800.333.2433

Here are some resources to help you identify what kind of care or services you may want to explore, now or in the future:

  • A checklist of your preferences

    Determine what you value most. Use these values to evaluate your decisions regarding which housing options and services will best meet your current and future needs.

  • A needs assessment worksheet

    Sort through the areas you may, or may not, need the most assistance. Responding to the statements as honestly as possible will help you identify those areas most important to you when facing change.

  • A financial assessment worksheet

    Your financial resources will partially drive your decision about future housing and other lifestyle changes.