How to Choose

Your search for senior housing or services should involve careful research to find the best option for your health needs, lifestyle and financial resources. As you would with any major life transition or financial investment, be sure to thoroughly research your decision before making a commitment.

Conduct online research, ask for references from family and friends, and absolutely make time to personally visit and compare different senior living options in your area.

How to Choose an Adult Day Services Center

While adult day centers may differ in services and operating hours, they all have a common goal - enabling an adult to maintain independence in the least restrictive environment while ensuring purposeful living and engagement. By supporting families and caregivers, adult day services enable participants to maximize independent living in the community.  

How to Choose Housing with Services/Assisted Living

Before you begin looking for the best place to live as you age, follow these basic tips:

  • Know what level of care and support you or your loved one needs and what the senior living community provides.
  • Visit the senior living communities you are considering at different times of the day. Talk to the people who work there and the residents. And don't be afraid to ask questions. Use these questions from the Minnesota Board on Aging to help you in your assessment. 
  • Make a list of the senior living communities you are considering and compare what each has to offer to help make an informed choice on your new home. Consider using to further assess your options or the Care Options Network

How to Choose a Nursing Home

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