Boost Recruitment

Relationships with Local Schools Boost Recruitment

We know that the toughest workforce crisis is yet to come as the labor force fails to keep the pace with growth in the aging population. The ratio of the working age population compared to those over the age of 85 will decrease by 46% over the next 20 years. 

It is important to start building your future workforce pipeline today! A great way to do that is to get involved with local schools, with students of all ages. Make sure your local school principals, career technical educators, and health sciences deans know your name, your organization, and the positions for which you are hiring.

Often, staff come to work in our field because of a special relationship with an older adult during formative years. By partnering with a local school, your organization can help to facilitate those relationships and expose students to the meaningful work, missions and values, and career pathways in our field.

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