Staff Feedback

The Importance of Staff Feedback

Whether you hang a whiteboard in a break room, create an online forum on your organization’s intranet, or establish a staff-focused Facebook page, consider giving staff a modern forum to express their ideas, suggestions and opinions. 

Negative comments may come up - and that’s okay! Negative comments framed constructively can be handled in a meaningful way that shed a positive light. 

Tufts University’s Social Media Best Practices  suggests, “Correcting a mistake, apologizing and offering better in the future, or providing information about the event in question is often the best way to let the poster know you have heard them. Unless the post is profane, obscene, harassing or threatening, it is not a best practice to delete it.”

Young people today focus heavily on reviews - think Yelp, Glassdoor, Google Reviews, Uber, and Airbnb - posting and managing reviews can create a connection with your staff. You can also use these forums to stimulate meaningful conversations by asking topic-specific questions or suggesting conversation starters. Be sure to remember the importance of following up!

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