At the Capitol: First Deadline Passes and Upcoming Special Session

This week, lawmakers mainly met in private to debate the specific spending details for each budget area. The first of two self-imposed deadlines passed on Friday, May 28, without any public notice of the finalized details of the budget. The second deadline, June 4, is quickly approaching; lawmakers to agree on what policy provisions will be included in the final deal when Governor Walz calls a special session on June 14. Here is what you need to know about what is happening at the capitol this week:

Where things are now
Since last week, nothing has publicly changed on reaching a more detailed budget agreement. We know lawmakers are working behind closed doors to finalize the details for each budget area. While progress is being made on many fronts regarding spending, minimal movement has occurred on major policy provisions. Additionally, we know that the Health and Human Services area of the budget has been a particular sticking point for lawmakers, with numerous financial and policy provisions still undecided. We are grateful that Hero Pay is still a priority in these negotiations, and we are working with lawmakers and staff to monitor its progress leading up to the special session.

Where things are going
Legislative leaders announced that committees have until June 4 to agree on differences surrounding key policy provisions such as policing reform, paid family leave, clean car standards, and frontline worker protections. Once lawmakers reach budget and policy deals, they will prepare the committee agreements into final bills for passage during the expected June 14 special session. When Governor Walz officially calls lawmakers back to a special session, staff and legislators will quickly pass the two-year budget and policy provisions by June 30 to avoid a government shutdown.

What to Watch
In our work with lawmakers over the past week, we remain optimistic about Hero Pay's inclusion in a final budget deal and encourage you to make your voices heard to get it across the finish line. Join us in asking Governor Walz to include Hero Pay in the final budget deal through participating in LeadingAge Minnesota's most recent action alert found here

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