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Take the LeadingAge Quarterly Affordable Housing Survey

On November 18, 2021 by Bobbie Guidry

It's time for the LeadingAge quarterly affordable housing survey! LeadingAge, our national affiliate, is conducting its regular survey on affordable housing, and we encourage you to participate.

HUD Announces Fourth Round of COVID-19 Supplemental Payments

On September 23, 2021 by Bobbie Guidry

On Sept. 16, HUD announced the fourth round of COVID-19 Supplemental Payments (CSPs) for Multifamily housing providers. The funds are available to help Section 8, Section 202, and Section 811 properties prepare for and respond to COVID-19. Requests are due to the agency by Nov. 19 and can cover expenses incurred between April 1 and Oct. 31.

Affordable Housing Members Call on Staffing Issues with LeadingAge National

On September 8, 2021 by Bobbie Guidry

Join our LeadingAge, our national affiliate, for a housing call on Monday, Sept. 13 at 11:30 a.m. CT to discuss staffing issues in affordable housing communities.

Affordable Housing Survey Reveals COVID-19 Cases, Isolation, & Financial Strain

On October 28, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

A national survey of senior housing providers by LeadingAge finds COVID-19 cases in a majority of communities, and that financial strain and resident social isolation are key concerns.

HUD Updates Multifamily Q&A

On August 5, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

The U.S. Housing & Urban Development Department (HUD) updated its Q&A for Multifamily Housing programs. The July 31 Q&A document relays HUD’s guidance on operational and procedural questions related to the safe administration of HUD-assisted programs during COVID-19. In the Q&A, HUD provides clarity on mask requirements for residents, testing requirements for residents, and management and occupancy reviews. Included in the updates: 

HUD Answers Questions on COVID-19 Supplemental Payment Funds

On July 28, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

Application forms for the COVID-19 Supplemental Payment funds are due to HUD by Aug. 5. 

HUD Announces Service Coordinator CARES Act Allocation

On July 15, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

The U.S. Housing & Urban Development Department (HUD) released a memo last week outlining plans to allocate the $10 million in Service Coordinator funding approved by the CARES Act at the end of March. The funds will support approximately 1,600 properties with grant-funded Service Coordinator programs. The agency said they plan to issue guidance for budget-funded Service Coordination and other COVID-related expenses soon.  

LeadingAge Regional HUD Monthly Calls Start July 16

On July 15, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

A monthly call is now available for HUD provider members to join others in our region for news and discussion.  Minnesota joins with LeadingAge Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana for these meetings which are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at noon. 

Action Alert: Affordable Housing Provisions Must Be Included in Next COVID-19 Relief Package

On July 8, 2020 by Libbie Chapuran

The $1.2 billion in financial support provided by the Emergency Housing Assistance for Older Adults Act (S. 4177, H.R. 6873) must be included in Congress’ next COVID-19 relief package. Ask your members of Congress to help the more than 700,000 older adults in HUD-assisted housing. S. 4177 and H.R. 6873 would provide key relief for affordable senior housing communities navigating the impacts of the coronavirus crisis, including: 

HUD Urged to Release Millions Earmarked for Affordable Housing for Older Adults

On June 16, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

LeadingAge has called upon the U.S. Housing & Urban Development Department (HUD) to release the $50 million for the Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program and remaining $200 million of Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance funds.  

HUD Announces CARES Act Allocation for Project-Based Communities

On June 2, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) this week published a funding allocation update on COVID-19 relief from the CARES Act. Of the $1 billion approved for Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA), HUD will complete $800 million in funding allocations during the week of June 1 to help communities prevent, prepare for, and respond to the coronavirus through regular operations.  

Now Available: COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Webinar Recording & Handouts

On May 12, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

As reported last week, HUD and the CDC delivered presentations on their interim guidance on facility cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19. The recorded webinar and handouts, which are helpful to any housing setting and staff, is now available.  

Take Action: Contract Congress for Affordable Senior Housing Relief

On May 5, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

Congress is working on its next COVID-19 funding package and now is the time to raise our voices to support affordable senior housing. Join us to urge Congress to provide funding and support for affordable senior housing, including a $1.012 billion package of relief funds for affordable senior housing:   

HUD COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Webinar

On May 5, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

The U.S. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) this week delivered presentations on their interim guidance on facility cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19.  

Low-Income Housing Advocacy Amid COVID-19

On April 14, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

LeadingAge continues to urge various program offices within HUD, and the agency at large, to provide further support and guidance for housing providers serving older adults during this health and economic emergency.  

HUD COVID Call April 16

On April 14, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

HUD housing providers are encouraged to join the LeadingAge daily COVID-19 call on April 16 that will feature a specific update from the HUD Multifamily Housing Office of Asset Management and Portfolio Oversight.  

HUD Issues Updated Rent Increase Guidance for PRAC Owners

On March 25, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

As of March 18, HUD has restarted routine processing and approval of Section 202 PRAC rent adjustments to increase Reserve for Replacement deposits. There have been several updates to field office procedures for reviewing Capital Needs Assessments (CNAs) and determining how capital needs should be reflected in annual PRAC project operating rents.   

Affordable Housing: HUD Postpones REAC Inspections, Provides COVID-19 Guidance

On March 17, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

HUD announced last week that the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) is postponing all property inspections on all public housing, multi-family housing, and servicing mortgagee properties. This includes senior housing. 

HUD Seeks 15% Budget Cut but More Funding for Section 202 Housing

On February 18, 2020 by Jodi Boyne

Yes. You read that correctly. The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) is seeking a 15% cut to its own funding in fiscal year 2021 that will have a detrimental impact on programs that serve older adults. 

New Video Resource: PRACtical RAD Overview

On February 18, 2020 by Bobbie Guidry

The U.S. Housing & Urban Development Department (HUD) has released the first of a series of short videos on RAD for PRAC.  

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