Telehealth: COVID-19 Open the Floodgates but Barriers Remain

Telehealth has been embraced by senior living providers during COVID-19 and changes in federal policy and flexibilities from insurance have made it easier to implement and pay for it. Accompanying this positive progression is the operational demands it has placed on providers and the continued lack of reimbursement.

As providers see opportunity in telehealth as a result of COVID-19, lingering questions remain as to whether the flexibilities and momentum will continue post-pandemic. 

A recent article in Senior Housing News explores the opportunities and barriers in telehealth for the senior living sector – including one barrier that needs to be overcome for senior living providers to more broadly adapt telehealth: reimbursement.

“Despite the clinical advantages of offering telehealth services on-campus, doing so often means added time and cost for providers facilitating those visits — but the reimbursement goes to physicians or clinicians, and not the senior living provider…”

Read More: COVID-19 Opened the Telehealth Floodgates, But Barriers Remain in Senior Living.

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