Adult Day Services: A Closer Look at Individual Service Planning

In our recent assessment of Adult Day Services surveys by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), we found several deficiencies in record keeping regarding Individual Service Planning. In this edition of our “Adult Day Services: A Closer Look” series, we review the requirements for the most common deficiencies in Individual Service Planning and link you to resources that will help you comply with the requirements.  

Intake Screening

Citation: Minnesota Rules 9555.9700, subpart 1

Before admitting a participant, the center shall conduct an intake screening to determine how or whether the center can serve the individual, based on the center's licensure, center’s policies and services, and the individual's needs and condition. If possible, the screening shall include an interview with the participant and with the participant's caregiver. The center shall notify the individual of the outcome no more than five working days after the screening process begins.

Initial Service Planning

Citation: Minnesota Rules, part 9555.9700, subpart 2, item B

The center shall develop a preliminary service plan based on the assessment in item A and coordinated with other plans of services for the participant. The preliminary service plan must include the following information and specifications:

(1) scheduled days of participant's attendance at the center;

(2) transportation arrangements for getting the participant to and from the center;

(3) participant's nutritional needs and, where applicable, dietary restrictions;

(4) role of the participant's caregiver or caregivers in carrying out the service plan; and

(5) services and activities in which the participant will take part immediately upon admission.

Individual Plan of Care

Citation: Minnesota Rules 9555.9700, subpart 3, item B

Within 90 days of the participant's admission to the center, a written plan of care must be developed by the center staff together with the participant, the participant's caregiver, and other agencies and individual service providers. The plan of care must be dated and must include:

A. an update of the preliminary service plan required in subpart 2 and additional services required by the participant;

B. short and long-term objectives for the participant stated in concrete, measurable, and time specific outcomes;

C. the staff members responsible for implementing the individual plan of care;

D. the anticipated duration of the individual plan of care as written; and

E. provisions for quarterly review and quarterly revision of the individual plan of care.

Need Resources to Help You Meet This Requirements?

Adult Day Services members should take time to review the rules and their policies to make sure they comply with the requirements. We also recommend training all appropriate staff to ensure they understand the rules and their role in the process, as well as conducting regular audits on your record keeping. Two LeadingAge Minnesota resources that will help you remain in compliance are:

  • Webinar – This webinar was specifically developed for Adult Day Services and focuses on individual service planning, needs assessment and social history.
  • Adult Day Services Manual – An updated version of this manual is now available to help you comply with this and other applicable rules for adult day services. You can purchase the manual in the LeadingAge Minnesota Store.

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