DHS Releases Application for 2023 Elderly Waiver Customized Living Disproportionate Share Program

DHS recently released the application form for the Elderly Waiver Customized Living (EWCL) Disproportionate Share Program for 2023. 2022 is the second year of the program, which provides a floor rate of $119 per resident day for their EWCL clients in 2023. The Legislature made some changes to the program that start this year, including:

  • Including disability waiver clients in the eligibility test (but not the rate floor) but increasing the percentage of waiver clients needed to qualify to 83.5%;
  • Adding a requirement that 70% of waiver clients be on EWCL;
  • Allowing sites that are exempt from Assisted Living Licensure to be eligible; and
  • Changing the date when the percentages for eligibility are measured from Oct. 1 of the previous year to Sept. 1.

Providers who believe they are eligible for the disproportionate share program can apply between Sept. 1-30. Sept. 1 is the critical date when the percentage of residents on waivers must be met, so providers should watch that closely when deciding whether they are eligible. Under current law, this program regularly renews yearly based on waiver percentages as of Sept. 1.

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