Last Chance to Affiliate Background Studies from Home Care to Assisted Living Record

Starting Oct. 15, non-renewed home care licenses that expired or were closed due to conversion to an assisted living facility license will also have their background study records closed.

If your facility was able to "affiliate" the managerial employees from your previous home care background study (BGS) record, then you can also affiliate the remainder of your employees of the prior home care record under your new assisted living facility record. If you have many employees to affiliate, the Sensitive Information Person (SIP) can add individuals under them to assist in the process.

All employees must have background studies complete and recorded under the new assisted living license record, either through the affiliation process if previously completed or by initiating a new BGS.

If your facility was in a situation that required a new SIP or was, for some other reason, not able to affiliate individuals from the home care record to the new assisted living record, then new background studies must be completed for your employees. Employees, contractors, and regularly scheduled volunteers are subject to the background study required by section 144.057 and may be disqualified under chapter 245C.

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