NHSN to Update Vaccine Parameters for Up-to-Date

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated vaccine recommendations and included bivalent vaccines recently made available. They also revised the definition of up-to-date.


Before approval of bivalent vaccinations, the CDC's definition of up-to-date included the original COVID-19 vaccine, one booster dose for those under 50, and two booster doses for individuals 50 and older. The omicron variant significantly impacted public health resulting in an updated vaccine from both Pfizer and Moderna to include the variant in the new formulation.

NHSN data entry updates coming

When CDC updated its up-to-date definition, there was no corresponding change in the National Health Safety Network (NHSN) reporting system, and providers continued to report based upon the prior definition. In the NHSN system reporting definitions cannot be changed in the middle of a reporting period. The current reporting period ends Sept. 26, after which NHSN has the system in line with the current definition and will require providers to report information on bivalent vaccinations.

There is an NHSN webinar scheduled for Sept. 21. Register here.

How quickly do organizations have to consider bivalent vaccines?

Bivalent vaccine is more readily available in some areas and less available in others. It can get complicated during this transition time when vaccine clinics are planned and implemented. To help during this time, providers can:

  • Update the community policy with a specific date when bivalent vaccines will be needed for staff and residents to be considered up to date
  • Communicate this information to staff and residents
  • Continue to report to NHSN and follow the instructions to report correctly over the next few weeks

If you have additional questions, please contact Kari Everson.

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