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At the Capitol: The Legislature Begins Passing Budget Bills

On April 14, 2021 by Matt Steele

This week, lawmakers began passing budget bills off the House and Senate floors. This step establishes starting positions for the House, Senate and Governor as they enter negotiations to reach a final budget deal by May 17. Here is what you need to know about what is happening at the Capitol:

Missed Week at the Capitol? It’s Not Too Late to Become an Advocate

On March 24, 2021 by Matt Steele

As we approach the midway point of the legislative session, LeadingAge Minnesota members virtually gathered for our largest advocacy event of the year, the Week at the Capitol. LeadingAge Minnesota members met with over 40 lawmakers from around the state, including Senate and House legislative leaders, to make their voices heard and advance important policy initiatives for seniors and their caregivers.

Register by March 6 for Week at the Capitol

On March 3, 2021 by Matt Steele

Calling all members – join our largest advocacy event of the year, the virtual Week at the Minnesota State Capitol, March 15-19. We need your voice to raise awareness for the needs of older adults and their caregivers with lawmakers.

At the Capitol: Vaccine Rollout Remains Top Priority for Lawmakers

On March 3, 2021 by Matt Steele

As March begins, state health officials reported a new vaccine milestone. As of March 2, 53% of Minnesota seniors received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Building off this announcement, Governor Tim Walz stated that his administration will not move on from the current vaccine distribution phase until 70% of Minnesotan’s ages 65 and over have been fully vaccinated. With the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine arriving in Minnesota this week, Walz believes the state can reach the 70% senior benchmark by April. Here is what you need to know about what’s happening at the Capitol:

Sens. Housley and Eken, Key Aging Committee Leaders, Slated for Week at the Capitol Discussion

On February 24, 2021 by Matt Steele

Assistant Majority Leader Karin Housley (R – St. Mary’s Point), Chair of the Minnesota Senate Aging and Long-Term Care Policy Committee, and Sen. Kent Eken (DFL – Twin Valley), the committee’s ranking minority member, will join LeadingAge Minnesota members for a bipartisan discussion about long-term care issues at this year’s LeadingAge Minnesota Week at the Capitol.

At the Capitol: Legislature Prepares for February Forecast Release

On February 24, 2021 by Matt Steele

The Minnesota Office of Management and Budget will release the February Forecast, a major indicator of the financial health of the state, this Friday afternoon. Lawmakers and policy experts anticipate an improved economic situation from the December Forecast and are beginning to have conversations on how it will influence the two-year budget-making process already well underway. Here is what you need to know about what’s happening at the Capitol:

At the Capitol: Senate Committees Host Hearings about Vaccine Rollout

On February 17, 2021 by Matt Steele

With Governor Walz announcing a loosening of social and business restrictions, the legislature is giving greater attention to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. This week, lawmakers will be focusing on how the vaccine is affecting virus infection rates as well as its disbursement to vulnerable population groups, especially seniors. Here is what you need to know about what’s happening at the Capitol:

At the Capitol: Committees on Human Services and Taxes Hear LTC-focused Bills

On February 10, 2021 by Matt Steele

With about a month to go until the first of three lawmaking deadlines, policy makers are shepherding numerous bills through the committee process, in particular, legislation that allows for providers to have extra time to get background reviews completed for their employees following the expiration of the public health emergency. Here is what you need to know about what’s happening at the Capitol:

At the Capitol: Senate Committee Takes Closer Look at COVID-19 Effects on Nursing Home Funding

On February 3, 2021 by Matt Steele

With one month of the legislative session complete, lawmakers are in full swing putting together a budget for 2022-2023 Governor Walz introduced his budget proposal last week and lawmakers have turned their attention to examining the details of that proposal this week. Here is what you need to know about what’s happening at the Capitol:

At the Capitol: No Cuts for Senior Services in Walz Budget

On January 27, 2021 by Matt Steele

As the legislature enters the last week of January, the pace of the legislative session has picked up and Governor Walz has released his proposed 2022-2023 budget, which holds senior services harmless. Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening at the Capitol:

2021 Minnesota Legislative Session Kicks Off This Week

On January 6, 2021 by Kari Thurlow

Minnesota’s 2021 legislative session began Tuesday at noon, but thanks to the record seven special sessions held from June through December, it feels like the 2020 session never really ended.

Assisted Living Licensure Technical Changes Legislation Advances in 7th Special Session

On December 16, 2020 by Kari Thurlow

Legislature Adjourns without Bridge Funding for LTC COVID-19 Response

The Minnesota Legislature met yesterday for the seventh special session of 2020, required as the Governor extended the Peacetime Emergency for another 30 days, and to pass the latest round of COVID-19 relief.  A $216 million COVID 19 relief package received bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate and is on its way to the Governor for his signature. The bill includes:

State Budget Forecast Shows Improved Financial Picture

On December 2, 2020 by Jeff Bostic

Earlier this year, the state produced two special budget updates to look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the state’s economy. Those updates showed disturbing projected budget shortfalls of $2.4 billion for the current biennium and $4.7 billion for the biennium starting July 1, 2021. Since that time, state revenue collections have exceeded expectations and the budget looks more positive.

Legislative Caucuses Elect Leadership

On November 11, 2020 by Kari Thurlow

For two more years, Minnesota will continue to have the distinction of having the only divided Legislature in America, with the Republicans holding on to control of the Minnesota Senate by a one-vote margin and the House DFL retaining control of the House, albeit with a smaller majority than last year. 

Walz to Convene Special Session Next Week

On October 7, 2020 by Kari Thurlow

Governor Tim Walz announced today that he will convene a special session of the Legislature on Monday, Oct. 12, as he plans to extend the peacetime emergency for another 30 days. This will be the fifth special session of 2020.

Join Us: Legislative Wrap-Up Webinar

On May 26, 2020 by Jodi Boyne

Join us on Thursday, May 28 at 12:30 p.m. for a recap of the 2020 legislative session. Our team will review the outcomes of the unprecedented session and share information about what to expect next. 

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