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At the Capitol: Minnesota Lawmakers Host Hearings on Hero Pay

On Tuesday, July 27, a select working group began hosting a series of hearings to determine how to allocate the money set aside during a special session for Hero Pay bonuses for frontline workers. Several different groups are vying for the $250 million set aside for the bonuses, and this week, the working group is hosting a hearing to discuss the effects of the pandemic on long-term care staff. Here is what you need to know about what is happening at the capitol this week:

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MDH Clarifies Implementation of Assessment Changes from Special Session

During the June special session, legislation changed resident assessment practices that care centers now need to follow: the requirement for a significant change assessment after therapy services end or after completing a period of required isolation for an infection.

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Assisted Living Facilities Licensed

The Minnesota Department of Health has issued over 1,700 assisted living facility or assisted living facility with dementia care licenses as of Friday afternoon. For the remaining 286 conversion applicants who are waiting for background checks or who have final documents to submit, MDH has issued a conditional license.

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Customized Living Providers: Update Your DHS RHCP Record

As we transition to Assisted Living Licensure on Aug. 1, action is required to be a provider of Medical Assistance waiver programs in the Provider Enrollment record with the Department of Human Services.

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Assisted Living Bill of Rights – Complete Yours Today!

Implementation of assisted living licensure is only days away, and there are many process changes to both operational and clinical work. A new Assisted Living Bill of Rights was created and posted on the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) website many weeks ago. Organizations are required to ensure all residents living in assisted living receive a copy.

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CDC Highlights On-Going COVID Risks and Prevention Strategies

We have experienced a significant decrease in COVID-19 cases in the spring and early summer compared to the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, during the middle of July, COVID-19 case numbers have spiked, with an approximately 300% increase in cases nationally.

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Effective Date for OSHA COVID-19 Standard Is Drawing Near

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry published a notice on July 19 (Page 31) that it has adopted the federal OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19. With this publication, the ETS is now effective in Minnesota and will remain in effect for up to six months. During that period, MN-OSHA invites comments about the standard, and LeadingAge Minnesota will submit a memo to the agency in the weeks ahead.

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Review Recently Published Assisted Living Licensure Rules

The Minnesota Department of Health has announced the Notice of Adoption for the Rules Governing Assisted Living Facilities was published in the State Register on July 19. You may review the Notice of Adoption on the Minnesota State Register website, State Register Volume 46, Number 3 (Page 33).

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Effective Date for OSHA COVID-19 Standard Is Drawing Near for Minnesota Providers

As members are aware, federal OSHA issued an emergency temporary standard (ETS) on June 21 to protect health care and health care support service workers from occupational exposure to COVID-19.

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MDH Expecting Individualized Abuse Prevention Plans for All Assisted Living Residents

Assisted living settings are working diligently to have the necessary components in place by Aug. 1. 

Under the new assisted living license, which goes into place on Aug. 1, all assisted living residents must have an individualized abuse prevention plan (IAPP).

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Lawmakers Wrap Up Work on State Budget

With a final push and some surprise twists, Minnesota lawmakers dodged the threat of state agency and services shutdowns, just barely meeting their deadline to pass a $52 billion state budget. Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. was lawmakers' deadline to get all 13 of their state budget bills through both chambers of the Legislature and to Governor Walz's desk for his signature. Governor Walz has signed the 12 budget bills and the tax bill, averting the potential disaster of state agency shutdown.

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What Waivers Are Still in Place Now that the Peacetime Emergency is Over?

With Minnesota's COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency ending July 1, a question on members' minds is what waivers are still in place and for how long. We do not have a lot of detail yet, but here is a summary of what we currently know.

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President and CEO Gayle Kvenvold to Retire from LeadingAge Minnesota After 40 Years of Service

Board of Directors Begins National Search for a Successor

SAINT PAUL, MN (July 1, 2021) – LeadingAge Minnesota recently announced that Gayle Kvenvold, the association's long-time President and CEO, will retire at the end of 2021.

For 40 years, Kvenvold has led dramatic change in services and supports for Minnesota’s senior population. She spent 32 years of her 40 years at the association as the organization’s president and CEO. Under her leadership, LeadingAge Minnesota – once named Minnesota Health & Housing Alliance and then Aging Services of Minnesota – has grown into one of the largest associations addressing senior care in the nation.

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HHS Budget Reflects Key LTC Imperative Priorities

The Minnesota State Legislature has passed the Health and Human Services (HHS) budget bill for the next biennium, and the bill has been signed into law by Gov. Tim Walz. The passage of this legislation, a bill that lawmakers heavily debated, is a critical step in finalizing a state budget before the new fiscal year on July 1. Since the bill is now law, there will be no shutdown of health and human services programs even if lawmakers fail to agree in other budget areas.

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Hero Pay Legislation Advances in Tax Bill

A top legislative priority for LeadingAge Minnesota this year has been to secure hero pay bonuses to employees in senior care settings. Last week, legislative leaders announced an agreement to set aside some funding for hero pay bonuses. But until recently, we had few details. This weekend, lawmakers adopted an amendment that laid out a process to finalize hero pay bonuses this summer.

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Peacetime Emergency to End July 1

After nearly 16 months, the State’s Peacetime Emergency will end on July 1. A deal was struck between legislative leaders to end emergency powers in exchange for several stipulations related to food benefits, state COVID-19 staffing, and vaccination efforts. Just last week, Gov. Walz announced at a press conference that he intended to end the emergency peacetime declaration on Aug. 1, but this end-of-session bargaining moved up the timeline.

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Legacy LALD Applications Due on June 30

The legacy pathway for the Licensed Assisted Living Director (LALD) sunsets at the end of the month, and applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on June 30. If you don't hit the apply by then, you’ll need to meet the new Assisted Living Director or Assisted Living Director in Residence requirements that begin on July 1. Application verifications such as transcripts, resumes, official employment verifications can be sent in AFTER July 1 if needed.

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At the Capitol: Hero Pay Bonuses for LTC Workers Included in Budget Deal

As lawmakers work to complete their work to agree upon a two-year budget before July 1, legislative leaders announced an agreement to allocate $250 million for Hero Pay bonuses for frontline workers during the pandemic.

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BELTSS Board Receives Over 2000 Legacy LALD Applications

The Board of Executives for Long-term Services and Supports (BELTSS) has received over 2400 applications from those eligible for licensing under the legacy licensing opportunities. The deadline to apply via the legacy path is June 30.

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Bipartisan Agreement Reached to Phase Out Eviction Moratorium

Minnesota legislators announced on Monday an agreement to end Gov. Tim Walz's eviction moratorium over the next three-and-a-half months. The eviction moratorium has been in place since March 2020, when the governor used executive powers to ban evictions except in extreme circumstances. The agreement still needs to be approved by legislators, but the vote could occur later this week. The bipartisan deal creates a phased eviction moratorium off-ramp, with some protections lasting into June 2022. Governor Walz has said he will rescind the moratorium once a legislative solution is passed.

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