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Are you Listening? Workforce Podcasts available

On October 15, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

The Workforce Innovators Podcasts from the LeadingAge Center for Workforce Solutions brings you interviews with various leaders in our field focused on programs to help address workforce challenges.  

Engage Staff in Decision Making

On October 8, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Getting staff input on decisions is important. When staff feel their opinion matters, they feel empowered in their roles and connected to the organization. 

When Staff Survey Says ‘Lack of Communication’

On October 1, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

A common concern on staff engagement surveys is “lack of communication” or “leadership doesn’t follow up on my concerns.” Often it feels like there is a disconnect as supervisors say they follow up on concerns raised by staff. So that begs the question: Do staff feel they aren’t being listened to because the follow-up loop was not completed? 

Create Inclusive Committees

On September 16, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Staff at all levels should be considered the expert in their roles. Serving on internal committees and task forces are ways to uniquely engage staff in the organization’s vision while tapping into their personal strengths and positional expertise.   

Experience Mapping

On September 10, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Experience mapping is an excellent tool to improve an organizational policy, procedure or practice. It provides a visual example of what a person experiences while completing an activity.

Celebrating Accomplishments

On September 3, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Knowing staff as individuals means knowing about their major personal accomplishments. Is a staff member running a marathon? Graduating from nursing school? Welcoming a new baby (remember new moms and dads)? Congratulate them!  

Representation Matters: Feature Team Members in Publications

On August 28, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

There are two things that make your organization special - the people you serve and the staff who serve your people. Make sure to share the great work that is being done every single day!  

The Power of Appreciation

On August 20, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

The power of positive thinking! Mike Robbins, author of Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation, says positive acknowledgement is “a crucial aspect of our being able to celebrate, appreciate, and express gratitude for the people around us.” He offers five ways to positively acknowledge others:  

Establishing a Peer Mentor Program

On August 13, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Mentor programs offer an important opportunity for staff to develop positive relationships, interact with friends at work, receive the peer support needed to succeed in a job, and increase meaning and purpose in their day. Beyond that, mentor programs have been proven to positively impact team member retention and satisfaction in all departments.  

How Well Do You Know Your Team?

On August 6, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  -Dale Carnegie. Yet one thing we hear periodically on staff satisfaction surveys is, “my supervisor doesn’t even know my name.” 

Accepting Feedback from Staff is Important

On July 30, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Whether you hang a whiteboard in a break room, create an online forum on your organization’s intranet, or establish a staff-focused Facebook page, consider giving staff a modern forum to express their ideas, suggestions and opinions. 

Host a Staff Focus Group

On July 24, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Hosting a focus group allows leaders to hear from a select group of staff about a specific topic.   

Staff Rounding: Managing by Walking Around

On July 16, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

In Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference, Quint Studer says “rounding” is about engaging in direct conversation with staff, asking pointed questions and role modeling specific behaviors. Sometimes this is also referred to as “managing by walking around.”  

Bring Staff Together: Host All Staff Meetings

On July 10, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

An all staff meeting is a great opportunity to communicate and listen, allowing everyone to hear the same information at the same time.  

Conduct Stay Interviews with Your Team

On July 2, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Stay Interviews are a great way to connect with staff. These structured conversations can help leaders touch base with new staff to ensure the onboarding process is a positive experience and also be used with long-standing staff to find out what your organization does well. What keeps loyal staff coming back each day?  

Learning Circles Promote Staff Engagement

On June 23, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Promote engagement and interactive learning by hosting a learning circle with a variety of teams in your organization.  

Move Beyond Orientation Check Boxes

On June 11, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Is it time to move beyond your checkbox-driven orientation to an engaging onboarding experience? 

Engagement Leads to Retention

On May 29, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Engaging with your staff is an essential way to empower your team, promote a sense of value and to retain your staff. We know that staff who are engaged have higher job satisfaction, show enthusiasm for their work and improve outcomes within your organization.
LeadingAge Minnesota offers a free, web-based toolkit to help boost your ability to engage with staff. 

Create an Inclusive Hiring Process

On May 14, 2019 by Jenna Kellerman

Direct care staff have opinions that matter! When frontline staff know that they will be responsible for training new team members, they are often invested in the people who get hired in the first place and become more invested in the training process. Empower your team by training and including frontline staff in the interview process. 

Spice Up Staff Perks

On May 8, 2019 by Jodi Boyne

Many companies have gotten creative with their employee benefits as a way of recruiting, rewarding and retaining staff. Tech companies, in particular, have a reputation for working some fun into the work-lives of their teams. 

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